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Our Techniques

We use a number of highly-effective adjusting approaches to help improve spinal biomechanics and reduce nervous system interference. The approach we use is based on our judgment and years of experience.

Chiropractic adjusting image

Think of an adjustment as “tuning” a piano, adjusting each string so it produces the perfect tone.

The primary adjusting techniques we use include:


The perfect adjunct to your chiropractic care, we use acupuncture for meridian balance, symptom relief and many organic health complaints. read more»


After identifying which vertebrae have lost their normal motion or position, a specific manual thrust is applied to free up “stuck” spinal
joints. read more»

Activator Methods®

This is a system of spinal evaluation combined with a handheld adjusting instrument that delivers a consistent, low-force thrust. read more»


Thompson Terminal Point technique is a system of analysis and a special table that reduces the amount of energy needed to adjust your spine. read more»

AK Applied Kinesiology

Testing the strength of specific muscles of your body helps us find structural, chemical and mental problems and monitor your results. read more»

Cox Flexion-Distraction

We use a special table so we can traction your spine, opening up the spacing between spinal vertebrae and relieving pressure to spinal. read more»

MyoFascial Disruption Treatment

Fascia consists of fibrous connective tissue that form sheaths for individual muscles, fascicles and partitions between muscles. The fascia serve as a guard against moving a joint past its normal range, absorbs tensile forces and absorbs compressive forces of movement. If the fascia is restricted, forces cannot be dispersed and an injury can occur. When there is excess stress, fascia will thicken to add support and strength.

Malfunction of the system due to trauma, poor posture or inflammation can bind and distort the fascia resulting in abnormal pressure in any or all of the body components.

This is a unique and effective method of relieving pain and enhancing physical performance. This method allows for the Doctors to correct myofascial and joint distortions/dysfunctions that do not respond to standard Chiropractic Treatments. Resolutions of injuries are rapid and improve performance of the regular patient, the weekend athlete and the professional athlete.

If you’ve been to a chiropractor before and prefer to be adjusted in a particular way, let us know. We want you to relax, enjoy and fully benefit from your chiropractic care. Call today!


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